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  • Smoking and Barbecue (BBQ) options
    On a previous post I said I'd give further detail of the options for smoking, grilling and barbecuing food. My health and other factors have delayed this, but here goes. L
  • The next big thing?
    UK BBQ = US Grill: US BBQ = UK ??? Wasn't it George Bernard Shaw that said: "England and America are two countries divided by a common language"? Barbecue, abbreviated to
  • A Tale of Cold Smoked Salmon
    I've written before about cold smoking food and there's even a full review of the smoker that I use - it's simplicity itself. However, I realise that there can be a tenden
  • Hot Smoked Mackerel
    Smoking fish is a great introduction to this hobby. It doesn't necessarily need expensive equipment, and unlike curing meat, good results can be had in hours rather than d
  • Some you win!
    You know how it is, you see a bargain and can't resist. Well that's how I ended up with a 6lb frozen Pacific Salmon for £1.71 a pound. Now that, in itself, is nothing spec
  • ProQ Eco-smoker Review
    Well the weather finally performed as forecast and I got to test the ProQ™ Eco-smoker sent to me by Ian at Mac's BBQ . The smoker arrived promptly and safely packaged. It
  • Smoked Salmon and a Soggy Bottom
    This post was going to be about the art of making the 'perfect' quiche, or as we say around here - egg and bacon tart. It was only after I took the photo of it that I noti
  • At Last - A Fridge!
    What a bloomin' lousy week! I said in my last post that the fridge in the kitchen had died; well, now the drying fridge has come out in sympathy! That's two fridges and a
  • More Chorizo - New Recipe
    When I started making my latest batch of ASDA clone chorizo on the 17th October it was my intention to photograph everything and create a sort of mini-tutorial. Needless t
  • Taramasalata
    Taramasalata or taramosalata, the spelling's different, but the product's the same. It was only a couple of days ago that I realised that I hadn't reported back on what I
  • ...and about time too!
    Finally the cod's roe has come out fine. The roes were covered with plain salt for 8 hours, rinsed and left in the fridge overnight to dry. They have been smoked for a tot
  • Hot Dog Sausages - The recipe
    When I wrote about my first attempt to make hot dog sausages I posted the link to the original recipe that I adapted. It's by Big Guy at the sausagemaking.org forum. I've
  • Hot Dog Sausages
    Whilst the chorizo I made looked great, they were actually very crumbly when cut. I have since found out that the recipe I used originally didn't have citric acid in it, i
  • Smoked Pheasant and Partridge
    You know how it is. These things start with a conversation in the pub... Maurice - "Do you want a brace of pheasants, Phil?..." Me - "Err, No thanks I've not used the last
  • Smoked Polish Sausage
    I've finally got my new smoker up and running - albeit only the hot-smoking side of it at present. Monday saw Pauline and me off to Ashwood Smoking Chips in Kettering (015
  • Smoked Trout Part II
    The trout prepared yesterday was smoked for about twelve hours over oak chippings and then put in the fridge overnight. Today it has had a further four hours. I will keep

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