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  • Pancetta de Thurlaston
    Doh! I left the pancetta to dry far more than I'd intended. It doesn't need to dry nearly as much when it's for cooking as it does for eating uncooked. It was left until i
  • Curing Update II
    Right, where are we at with all the cures I started? Well, as can be seen from the previous post , the Ventrèche is done, but what of the other things that were put to cur
  • Curing Update
    The meat from The Weekend's Curing a couple of weeks ago, is coming along fine. They've been in a fridge at around 6 - 7°C, a little higher than you'd normally run a domes
  • The Weekend's Curing
    When a trip to the abattoir, some 18 miles away, isn't called for, we sometimes buy meat from the local wholesalers. The prices are similar, but it's very much caveat empt
  • Pancetta di Thurlaston
    I wrote before Christmas that I was making a Pancetta and was cutting right back on the spices. I know this because I've just had to look at my previous post to see why I'
  • Pancetta - Delays and Drying
    The Pancetta that I put into cure on 14th December 2010 got forgotten over the Christmas period. Under normal circumstances I'd have cured it for 7 - 10 days, but this one
  • Pancetta di Larbo
    I mentioned in this post that I was making a rolled pancetta - pancetta arrotolata - from a recipe by my mate Larbo who now lives in the US. It's unusual as it's flavoured
  • The Half Pig - Cured
    No, not 'cured' as in running around again! But, what I've done with the half-pig I got a couple of weeks ago. Well sad to say, the 4kg of Everyday Sausage I made from the
  • Pancetta Part 3 - ready to use
    When we left the pancetta last time I was having problems with the humidity. It was my hygrometer that was at fault and a new one has solved the problem! I got it off ebay
  • Pancetta - Part 2
    For updated information about making a curing chamber see - Converting a Fridge into a Curing Chamber The Pancetta I started on the 13th November was left to cure a week l
  • Pigs and Pancetta
    Many local farm suppliers are only too happy to sell you half a pig, usually rare breed; Gloucester Old Spot and the like. They generally weigh around 55-60lbs for the who

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