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  • Garlic and Ham Luncheon Meat
    Luncheon meat is one of the best illustrations of the British relationship with food; call something Luncheon Meat and it's sold as a product in the supermarket's budget r
  • Mortadella with Pistachios
    It's great to get back to doing some real sausage making. We're fast running out of ham, bacon and sausage from my last mammoth session, so it's time to clear all the froz
  • Pork 'Haslet' Luncheon Meat
    Maybe it's not the time to be writing about another pork sausage, with the pork futures market in free-fall, due to the outbreak of flu in Mexico from the H1N1 virus. Comm
  • She Bent My Sausage!
    Well I made Ham Luncheon Meat on Sunday, and what a kerfuffle! You see, you shouldn't make a sausage this size... ...unless you've got a pan large enough to cook it in: Sl

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