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  • Curing Update II
    Right, where are we at with all the cures I started? Well, as can be seen from the previous post , the Ventrèche is done, but what of the other things that were put to cur
  • Curing Update
    The meat from The Weekend's Curing a couple of weeks ago, is coming along fine. They've been in a fridge at around 6 - 7°C, a little higher than you'd normally run a domes
  • The Weekend's Curing
    When a trip to the abattoir, some 18 miles away, isn't called for, we sometimes buy meat from the local wholesalers. The prices are similar, but it's very much caveat empt
  • I'm Back!
    I'm back! I'm not dead! I've just had a break from posting for a while. To tell the truth, none of my experimental/test cures have gone right for the last couple of months

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