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  • Spanish Omelette 'Tortilla'
    Given that the Spanish were in S. America for such a long time, and that in Mexico they speak Spanish, I've always found it odd that 'tortilla' has a different meaning in
  • Bacon and Cheese Quiche
    There you go, I'm being posh and calling it quiche! It's really a good old bacon and cheese flan. It's a pity that so many poor imitations of this superb rich savoury egg
  • Pickled Eggs
    One of the easiest of all pickles, pickled eggs are a bit like Marmite™ - you either love 'em or hate 'em! I'm not a great lover of them, but a while back, one night in th
  • Egg and Bacon Pie
    I came across this recipe on The Cottage Smallholder . What caught my eye was the fact that all the ingredients are assembled raw and then cooked together. This makes it f
  • Scotch Eggs
    The popular snack Scotch Egg has been much abused by the food industry if the supermarket's offerings are anything to go by - even worse those mini Scotch Eggs served as a

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