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  • Hot Cross Buns
    I was going to post this recipe yesterday, but the test batch I made weren't very good. Then I realised I'd picked up plain flour instead of bread flour! Also, they weren'
  • Chelsea Bun-ish Recipe
    Now I know if I call this recipe a Chelsea Bun, someone (You know who you are - Robert!) will come along and say, "Oh, no it's not, a Chelsea bun is made with currants, le
  • Savoury Ham and Cheese Cake
    There's been a few posts lately on other blogs with recipes for savoury cake, apparently a fairly common thing to have with drinks in France. This recipe's based on those
  • Chocolate 'fudge' Cake
    I originally posted this recipe in December 2007 but it proved so popular at a recent buffet that I make no apologies for re-posting it here. This cake is great! It's real
  • Millionaire's Shortcake
    In the run up to Guy Fawkes Night there will, no doubt, be plenty of recipes for traditional bonfire food. Parkin will almost certainly feature so there's little point me

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