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  • Ventrèche - Bacon by another name
    I've written here and here about the Gascon salted pork called Ventrèche, a bacon that, at it's most traditional seems to be cured with just salt as a curing agent, howeve
  • 12 Days On
    The pork that I processed on the 2nd February is now 10 days down the line. The small piece of bacon is cured and has been washed and is hanging to dry for a few days befo
  • More Pork to Process
    I've been up to my neck in pork for the past couple of days - that's why I've not written anything here. It's late so I can't go into all the details but here's some thing
  • Pancetta di Thurlaston
    I wrote before Christmas that I was making a Pancetta and was cutting right back on the spices. I know this because I've just had to look at my previous post to see why I'
  • My Favourite Bacon
    I recently posted a bacon tutorial that I wrote for the sausage making forum. The recipe used was an amalgamation of a few already posted by myself and others, as such it
  • The Half Pig - Cured
    No, not 'cured' as in running around again! But, what I've done with the half-pig I got a couple of weeks ago. Well sad to say, the 4kg of Everyday Sausage I made from the
  • Failure!
    No need for any more detail or gory pictures; here's on of my latest posts over at the smoking section of the sausagemaking.org forum . RIP Cod's Roe It seems like the wee
  • Pancetta Part 3 - ready to use
    When we left the pancetta last time I was having problems with the humidity. It was my hygrometer that was at fault and a new one has solved the problem! I got it off ebay
  • Pancetta - Part 2
    For updated information about making a curing chamber see - Converting a Fridge into a Curing Chamber The Pancetta I started on the 13th November was left to cure a week l
  • Pigs and Pancetta
    Many local farm suppliers are only too happy to sell you half a pig, usually rare breed; Gloucester Old Spot and the like. They generally weigh around 55-60lbs for the who
  • Dry Cure Bacon - The results
    There is now a full tutorial including a cure calculator on the Modern Bacon Cure posting. Other posts in this series: Dry Cure Bacon - 7 Days on Dry Cure Bacon Sausage an
  • Dry Cure Bacon - 7 Days on
    To make your own bacon see my Dry Cured Bacon - Tutorial . I wrote about dry curing bacon on 29 November. I had started curing the bacon a couple of days previously, so it
  • Bean Can Smoker
    If you've followed this blog, you will have seen the posts about making bacon. Your friends will no doubt be asking you to make more, and you'll be cursing me for even sug
  • Makin' Bacon
    Quality Bacon for under £1.30lb ... I've been making bacon for sometime mainly to get the flavour and quality I want - no white residue in the frying pan in my house! To m

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