Cold Smoking Foods

Most cold smoking is fairly simple - salting/brining if necessary followed by varying times of smoking depending on the product. I don't give recipes as such for cold smoked products but do indicate salting times, brine recipe, smoking time etc. Bear in mind that the times are for cold smoking with a Pro Q Cold Smoke Generator in a fairly well ventilated smoker (it has a 100mm wide chimney). I choose to smoke with the chimney vent open. Damped down, smoking times may be halved. It should be noted that a throughput of smoke is required if the product is not to have a bitter taste. This list is for the few things where you may need advice, other products are far simpler - just put them in the smoker! Whether it's cheese, garlic, salt, nuts, butter, honey, or a myriad of other food-stuff - give them a try.

Meats and fish should be brined or dry cured before smoking. This is not an optional extra but is necessary to make a safe product. Please use a reputable recipe and include curing salts where advised, particularly with sausage or minced products. Smokers offer ideal conditions for the development of Clostridium botulinum which is often fatal - the risk is low - but significant!

Smoked Salmon
The classic cold smoked salmon which I now salt for 10 - 12 hours and smoke for around 36 hours. Add sugar and/or herbs etc to the cure if you wish, or sprinkle it with your alcohol of choice just before smoking. Personally, I prefer it just with salt.
Smoked Trout
A cold smoked trout from the early days of the blog when I was using a 'soldering iron and bean can smoker'. However, the method of preparation's the same however you smoke it. The finished product can be seen at - Smoked Trout Part II
Smoked Cod's Roe
A cold smoked product that doesn't require cooking. Smoked Cod's Roe is great for making Taramasalata

The different methods of smoking meat are covered in more detail on our Smoking and Barbecue (BBQ) options & Resources page.

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