It's not been a very productive week as I've been 'on bed rest' because of a small pressure sore. However, I have managed to start off a Lonzino Stagionata. I think this is the correct term for what is a cured air dried loin of pork, Italian style.

It's basically like a parma ham but from the eye of the loin. Expensive, but superb.

I started off with 4½ kg of pork loin from Joseph Morris's. It was boned and the eye of the loin removed yielding 1½ kg of meat for the Lonzino and a further 2¼ kg of meat/fat that will be used in chorizo. The meat was a very good price costing about £16 for the piece - much cheaper than any supermarket.

Now for the cure, what should I use? I am at something of a disadvantage here as I've never tasted Lonzino. Online recipes, of which I found only two from trusted sources, varied considerably in the spices used so I was left with making up my own interpretation from the (little) information available - it's turned out as a sort of combination of the two online recipes. Whether it will be anything like the original is any-one's guess! Anyway, here it is:

For 1 kg meat I used:

Salt 34gm
Sugar 10gm
Cure #2 - 3gm (I actually use 3g cure #1 and 0.15g saltpetre, but cure #2 is far easier to measure)
Black Pepper 5gm
Fennel Seeds 4gm
White Pepper 3gm
Garlic Powder 2.5gm
Cinnamon 1gm
Mace 1gm
1 Clove

Grind the spices and mix with the other ingredients. Rub cure into the loin then put it into a food grade bag or vacuum pack it.

It will cure for 10 days or so.

Lonzino rubbed with cure

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There are seven comments

John Byrne

Hi Phil,
How are you air drying this and what way is it cooked and eaten???

John Byrne, (Email ) - 22-06-’09 21:43

It’s like lomo – eaten raw. Like a parma ham, but hopefully, without the heartache!


Phil, (Email ) (URL) - 23-06-’09 00:02

Hey, Phil. I have some experience with both bresaola and lonzino. You can have a look at :


Scott, (Email ) (URL) - 24-06-’09 15:51

I’ve been following your blog with interest, as I do Jason Molinari’s (http://curedmeats.blogspot.com/) and This Little Piggy’s (http://www.thislittlepiggy.us/).

My first bresaola is out of the cure today – watch this space!!

Phil, (Email ) (URL) - 24-06-’09 17:02

Oh. Sorry about that then. Thanks for reading, sir. I eagerly await pictures. I just pulled a bresaola this morning, pics to come.

Scott, (Email ) (URL) - 24-06-’09 17:10
John Byrne

hi Phil
how are you air drying it?

John Byrne, (Email ) - 24-06-’09 21:36

I’ll dry it in my curing fridge (see previous posts for details). As it’s not a very large diameter I’ll either case it in a collogen casing or wrap it in muslin so that it dries slowly and evenly. (Your XL casing came in very useful for wrapping my bresaola).


Phil, (Email ) (URL) - 25-06-’09 13:40

I'm somewhat incapacitated at present so replies may take some time. Please post urgent enquiries at the www.sausagemaking.org forum.

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