Butcher's Faggots

Traditional Butcher's FaggotsI've posted before about making faggots, but they were the type you buy in gravy from the shops. This recipe is for the more traditional faggot that you get from a good butcher's shop. I know most people reheat them and serve with gray; I like them sliced up in thick slices and fried.

The recipe is from one posted by 'Somerset Lad' on the River Cottage Forum, but is typical of this type. In the original the meat is cooked in liquid before being ground and mixed. This adaption by Debbie who posts on River Cottage and runs Hidden Valley Pigs, omits the pre-cooking stage.


2lb Pig's Fry - Lungs, Liver, Heart (I used just Liver and Heart)
1lb Fat Pork (belly's good)
8oz Fresh Breadcrumbs
1 desertsp each of Dried Sage and Parsley (I used fresh parsley)
Salt and Pepper (about 3 level tsp salt and 1¼ level tsp pepper)
Caul Fat if you can get it


Mince the meats then mix in the dry ingredients.
Leave to stand for about an hour - it will firm up.
Shape into the size faggots you want (about 9 is good), wet hands help to do this, put in a dish and fill it about a third of the way up the faggots with stock or water. Cook in a 190°C oven (170°C fan) for about 40 minutes. Cover with foil if the tops are getting too brown

If using caul, soak it in tepid water for about an hour, then wrap a piece around each faggot before cooking.

Faggots freeze well.

I altered the recipe slightly, increasing the fatty pork as, whilst I like faggots, I don't like them too 'livery'. I also increased the amounts to fit the weight of liver I had. Unfortunately, I made an error in calculating the breadcrumbs, so mine were a bit firmer than they probably should have been. For the next lot I will correct this and also add some onion - but all in all, and after a side-by-side comparison with a renowned local butcher's faggot, I was very pleased with them.

See below in the comments for my amended recipe

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There are 21 comments


Used to make faggots, sausages, haslet, bath chaps and brawn many years ago in Dorset. This recipe is pretty close to my memory of them.
Also what you term as a pigs fry I know as the “pluck”.
Great site.

Phil, - 03-11-’09 11:26

Hi, when you use liver and heart, is there any particular proportion you use, or 50% of each. I live in the USA and on my return visit to the UK after 30 years, one of the first tasks was to find a Devon Savouries to buy sausage rolls and faggots. To my dissapointment, I could not find a Devon Savouries, and never found any faggots, even in the few remaining butcher shops. I did find faggots in a frozen dinner in Waitrose that I later threw away, they tasted like carboard. I look forward to trying this recipe. Regards Paul foo

Paul, (Email ) - 08-03-’10 02:22

I use 1 heart with the rest made up of liver – that’s because I only get one heart with each pig! I’d be happy to use more if they were available – maybe even 50:50.

I hope this helps.

Phil, (Email ) (URL) - 08-03-’10 15:59
adrian panton

tried this recipe and it is tasty. absolutely adore faggots

adrian panton, - 24-05-’11 17:42

I’m glad you like it Adrian.

Phil, (Email ) (URL) - 25-05-’11 19:23


I’d like to try this recipe with some added onion like you suggest. What quantity should I use and should the onion be softened first?

Steve, - 25-10-’11 18:33

Hi Steve – I add quite a lot: 10% of the weight of the meat (pork and liver). I add it raw; I just put it through the mincer after the meat.

Hope this helps.

Phil, (URL) - 25-10-’11 19:41
Wal Laven

Hi, could you use Lambs heart in place of Pigs, these are far more readily available where I live.

Wal Laven, - 13-02-’12 11:04
Wal Laven

Managed to find a supplier of hearts, Lamb, Pig and Ox, so made 2 batches of faggots, one with onion and Hovis bread crumb the other with just ordinary crumb, the hovis/onion batch was much more moist, softer texture, maybe the onion helped, both where far tastier than the local butcher, will definitely be making these again.

Wal Laven, - 17-02-’12 20:10


I’m so glad you enjoyed them. You may also like these:



Phil, (URL) - 18-02-’12 14:38
Wal Laven

Thanks Phil, forgot to say, I never used any lung in the recipe, I baked the faggots in Chicken stock, once cooked I poured the stock into a jug and allowed it to chill and seperate, then used the solidified Pork fat to make a basic roux, then added the jellied stock and a table spoon of tomato ketchup for sweetness and gravy browning, delicous.


Wal Laven, - 19-02-’12 08:19

I rarely use the lung either. That gravy sounds a similar idea to the one in the other recipe. Sounds yummy!

Phil, (URL) - 19-02-’12 19:13

I do hope you are able to answer my question ! I’m trying to find a faggot recipe that I can make in 20lb batches. Using my own Berkshire Pork and the offal from my pigs. There is only one problem I’m unable to use fresh onion and garlic must all be in dried powder form for easy use at my processor. I’m an expat living in Ontario maketing my English bangers, I have managed to source rusk. Thank you in advance Ashley http://www.alverstokefarm.ca is my farm website if you would care to take a look.

Ashley, - 24-04-’13 12:16

Hi Ashley

What a great website and super life you must lead out in Canada.

I make two types of faggots: the ones above, and ones in gravy – here: http://www.localfoodheroes.co.uk/?e=123

I not that the original of the above recipe has been adapted by it’s author and can now be seen here: http://overthegate.myfreeforum.org/about..

I prefer a higher ratio of meat to liver; the recipe I have settled on for ‘Butcher’s Faggots’ is:

Pig’s Fry 60.00%
Fatty Pork (Belly) 40.00%

Other ingredients as a percentage of the total meat:

Fresh Breadcrumbs 16.66%
Dried Sage 0.24%
Parsley 0.16%
Onion 10.00%
White Pepper 0.28%
Black Pepper 0.15%
Salt 1.60%

You’ll need to have a play around with it to work out how much onion powder to use instead of fresh onion, and the result may not be the same.

I hope this helps, and if I can be of further assistance just email me.

P.S. My favourites for dinner are the ones in gravy on the post I’ve linked to above. I like this butcher’s type sliced and fried, or cold with a drop of vinegar!

Phil, (URL) - 24-04-’13 12:27

I first experienced faggots sitting on the dock of the bay in St Helier, Jersey.
Nineteen years old, warm summer night, moonlight, beer, good friends and a beautiful girlfriend at my side.
Fifty years on and for some reason faggots just don’t taste the same. I remember them as being spicy or peppery,
they were meaty but had a kick. How can I recapture that first taste sensation?

TOM, - 17-11-’14 01:42

I’m pleased that this recipe brought back good memories for you Tom. Faggots aren’t something I’d normally associate with The Channel Islands? I think that ‘the kick’ would be mainly from the ground white pepper: you could increase this for a bit more Oomph!

Please let me know how you get on with them.

Phil, - 18-11-’14 16:09

I use oatmeal as a binder gives a lovely flavour a true Somerset faggot

david, - 07-11-’15 18:04

Help bought some already Cooke faggots from butcher how long and how to reheat please

Mary, - 11-03-’16 15:34

There is a Butcherss in Broadway in the Cotswolds that makes fantastic faggots.

Ken, - 04-12-’16 14:37
Tina Schwarzer

Do you have to defrost the frozen ones before you cook them please?

Tina Schwarzer, - 01-10-’17 22:22

Hi Tina,

I always do. However, it may be possible to cook them from frozen in gravy. You’d need to experiment though.

pHIL, - 10-10-’17 19:05

I'm somewhat incapacitated at present so replies may take some time. Please post urgent enquiries at the www.sausagemaking.org forum.

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