Dry Cure Bacon - The results

There is now a full tutorial including a cure calculator on the Modern Bacon Cure posting.

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Dry Cure Bacon
Sausage and Curing Equipment and Supplies

I put the bacon in the wine cooler to dry 4 days ago. I meant to sort it out a couple of days ago but didn't get around to it. It's nicely dry now – in fact the rind's like hard-board!

The dry bacon
I then slice it:
The sliced bacon
... and vac pac it:
The vac-packed bacon
Good streaky bacon at ½ the price of the shop's!

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There are nine comments


Hi Phil,
I’ve just been reading your blog and see that your last entry on making bacon used Cure #1.
Did you notice any taste difference between Cure #1 and Franco’s traditional cure?



LemonD, - 07-03-’08 09:58

Hi LemonD,
I’ve not personally used Franco’s (sausagemaking.org) traditional cure – certainly it gets good reviews in the press and from the guys that use his forum.

Phil, - 08-03-’08 13:50

Hi Mate,.. great website and very informative, I want to start dry curing bacon but can only get saltpetre here in bali,.. can U please tell me the ratio to meat please



Balibob, (Email ) - 03-05-’09 07:32


A good question as it’s not interchangeable with cure #1. The US regulations allow:

7 pounds per 100 gallons pickle brine at 10% pump.
Equivalent to 8377 PPM in water.

3.5 ounce per 100 pounds meat (dry cured).
Equivalent to 2186 PPM relative to meat.

2.75 ounce per 100 pounds chopped meat.
Equivalent to 1717 PPM in meat.

EU regulations restrict it further to 150 PPM (Parts per Million), that’s 150mg per kg of meat when dry curing, or 0.15gm per kilogram of meat, a tiny amount that needs very accurate scales to weigh. In you’re climate I would personally use about 300 PPM and cure either in the fridge or around 8C (46 Farenheit) max temperature.

For easier measurement you could make a mix of:

200gm salt
100gm sugar
3gm saltpetre

Mix it well and apply it at 30gm per kilogramme of meat. The choice of sugar and any other flavours (herbs/spices etc) is entirely up to you.

I hope this helps – if you have any problems either post back here or visit the forums at http://www.sausagemaking.org where people will be happy to advise.

Good luck and happy eating.


Phil, (Email ) (URL) - 03-05-’09 15:18

Hi Phil,

many nthanx for the information,.. I really appreciate it,.. will start this weekend and let U know the results,.. good Pork is something we have plenty of here, but they just can’t make bacon



bobnowak, (Email ) - 08-05-’09 03:32

Hi Phil,

Great website, and one of the few I have found that actually gives good information on the quantities of curing salts to use in your recipes! I have a few questions if you have a moment to give me some advice..?

I work in China, but am going home to Australia for xmas and want to try and make some good unsmoked ham and bacon while I am home. I have ordered a cure: http://www.sausagemaking.com.au/shop/ind.. for when I get home, and am going to try and make a dry cured bacon, a wet cured bacon and a ham. The problem being, the cure I have ordered is only 2.2% so is it reasonable to take the dry cure#1 you suggest and do (cure qty)x5.88%/2.2% to give a cure qty of 6.7 gms instead of your 2.5? Can I assume that the salt and sugar qtys are roughly ok to use as is?

WRT the ham, I was going to buy a shoulder on the bone, and use your Pauline’s ham recipe, would the ratio principle still apply? I plan to use a meat injector to inject it with brine down to the bone, leaving some of the fat and skin on. Do you think this would be cured sufficiently in the 9 or 10 days I have before xmas?

Also is it ok to put the wet cure pork belly in with the shoulder to cure at the same time to make bacon?

Thanks for any help you can give,

Dan, - 29-11-’10 04:15

Hi Dan

I hope that I answered most of your questions on the sausage making forum.

Yes, increase the cure use as you say. I wouldn’t bother about the salt, but reduce the sugar in my recipe by 3 – 4gm to allow for the sugar in your cure.

Phil, (Email ) (URL) - 02-12-’10 16:19

Hi Phil, thanks for your help, I think I have a handle on it now… well, I’m confident I won’t poison anyone at least, how it tastes will be another story! Cheers.

Dan, (Email ) - 03-12-’10 00:49

I’m sure you will be OK. Please let me know how it all works out.

Phil, (Email ) (URL) - 03-12-’10 01:01

I'm somewhat incapacitated at present so replies may take some time. Please post urgent enquiries at the www.sausagemaking.org forum.

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