Temperature Control

Following my series of posts about my curing fridge Nate asked for a picture of the inside of my control box. Regrettably, as the box is home-made it's screwed together with wood-screws and is difficult to take apart. The picture below is of a control box set-up for temperature control which was assembled by a good friend of mine; it's how it looks when made by a professional.

Inside a Temperature Control box

Fig Jam

Until a couple of years ago, I'd never come across anyone with a fig tree. Recently, I've met two people growing them locally. This year's been a good one for them and I've been offered surplus figs from both. When one brought some to the pub to give away and offered me what remained at the end of the night, how could I refuse? However, whilst I do enjoy eating them raw, large quantities have a debilitating effect on my digestive system! Not nice when you're a wheelchair user.

In the circumstances, I thought I'd better look for something else to do with them; a trawl of the internet produced a number of recipes for fig jam:

Figs for Jam

Click here, there's more to read...

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