Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam on Toast

Whilst I've been languishing in bed, Pauline's been busy. She's made the Rhubarb Chutney and has now rubbed my nose in it by making strawberry jam - a job I detest. I'm no jam maker as you'll see if you read of my previous exploits and strawberry is my bête noir, the damnable stuff never sets properly when I make it! Needless to say, Pauline's was fine first time! Granted, for the first batch she used jam sugar which has added pectin, but for the second she just used ordinary granulated sugar and that's set just as well. Pauline used a recipe from Sophie Grigson which macerates the strawberries in the sugar. On seeing the method, Mum remembered that she used to do the same technique and that, when she did, her jam set well - not like recently when it's not been setting very well - it begs the question, "Why did you stop then?" - Nah, best not to ask! It seems that the daft gene isn't confined to my generation of our family!

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Horse or Field?

My very good neighbour was kind enough to bring me some mushrooms. He got them on the airfield where keeps his glider. For those who know me, it's fairly apparent that my mushrooming experience is somewhat limited - it predates my becoming a paraplegic in 1975! As such, I'm always grateful when anyone brings me things like mushrooms.

We were discussing this at the pub the other night (the nurse allowed me out for an hour) and none of us actually knew the difference between a 'horse' and a 'field' mushroom. Hopefully, someone will enlighten us.

Pauline got a bit 'artistic' when she photographed these! She's 'sort of' replanted them:


The mushrooms were fantastic - massive but obviously very young, presumably due to the wet weather that we've been having.

I've read online about making spore prints of mushrooms. It's a way to verify that a mushroom that you are confident is safe is what you think it is.


What I could never believe is that a mushroom with light brown gills could produce a spore that's nearly black:

Mushroom spores

But, as you can see, it's true - It's amazing!

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Still Here!

Yep, I'm still in bed! The pressure sore's nearly cleared and the local nurses are OK about me getting up. However, the Spinal Unit's advice is that you can put anything you like on a sore - except the patient. So, I'm staying put until it's gone!

In the meantime you'll have to make do with a selection of photos from my almost made it pile - the ones that didn't quite make it for a variety of reasons.

Boston Baked Beans about to go in the oven:

Boston Baked Beans

Home-made semi-dried tomato and goat's cheese tart:

Goat's cheese tarts

Chicken Korma to use up leftovers:

Chicken Korma

Potato cakes in and out of sauce:

Potato cakes

Stuffed vegetables:

Stuffed vegetables

Pears in toffee sauce (with supermarket cake - well it was "reduced" to 10p!):

Pears in toffee sauce

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