Sainsbury's - Jamie Oliver

Now, I accept that Jamie Oliver is that famous he can just be referred to as Jamie or JO, just like Delia really. He is apparently the most iconic British chef. Don't mention that next time you see Gordon Ramsey! He's only got 10 (and counting) Michelin stars!

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Savoury Ham and Cheese Cake

Ham and Cheese Cake

There's been a few posts lately on other blogs with recipes for savoury cake, apparently a fairly common thing to have with drinks in France.

This recipe's based on those – it's basically a glorified muffin recipe and was very popular in the Young household when I made it last week.

It would be great made with olives but this blog's meant to be about local food so this one's made with Leicester Cheese and my home-cured ham – it's great for using up the bit that won't go through the slicer!

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Grant for Local Food Schemes

Local Food Grants logoLocal Food, a new scheme funded by The Big Lottery Fund will make £50 million available to 'not-for-profit' groups to make locally grown food accessible and affordable to local communities.

The scheme has been developed by a consortium of organisations, and is managed on their behalf by the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (RSWT).

Their web-site says:

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